Wednesday 12 January 2022

Charterama Masterclass 2022

Charterers Liability online knowledge event

Freight insurance
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Q&A from the Masterclass

Let's say the cargo owner and Charterer is the same and we face damage to cargo on board. Cargo insurer pays, requires recourse from vessel owner who turns back to the Charterer...would you agree that it is possible that the cargo owner would be held liable for his own claim ? Did you face that situation before?

How do you feel about covering Floating Storage Units? Are there more or less risks for the Charterers? Is there any adjustment in the premiums if any difference in risk exposure?

A brief discussions on coverage of war risk liability would have been great.

A standard clause in a Bill of Lading, say CONGENBILL says: 'weight, quality, quantity, condition, contents and value unknown’. Shall this kill a claim for shortage of cargo?

Could there be liability to the Charterer for consequential damages resulting from delay of delivery?

Would it be possible for the Shipowner to dilute an obligation of seaworthiness under the time Charter Party, say NYPE 1993, taking the Hague-Visby Rules are incorporated contractually?

What's the impact of COVID-19 on Charterers’ Liability Insurances and/or Charter Party's? Could it be that a port is unsafe due to outbreak of COVID-19?

Stevedores are engaged by Charterers but work under the supervision of responsibility changes to Master?

Why are Charterers’ Bill of Lading more risky compared to Owner's Bill of Lading.

If a Shipper loads more cargo quantity than agreed the quantity in the Charter Party, and this excess quantity would be awarded after draft survey who will pay the discharging cost of this excess quantity? Can Shipper blame the Master?