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About Charterama

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Charterers Liability Insurance and FD&D

Charterama, with offices in Rotterdam, Hong Kong and Paris, is a specialist underwriter focused exclusively on Charterers Liability insurance and Defence (FD&D) and related business. We offer a full range comprehensive Charterers P&I cover, able to respond worldwide with an extensive global network of correspondents. We have a dedicated team of specialists who have proven track record and a long-standing experience and reputation in Charterers Liability.

RSA Insurance Group

Charterama is committed exclusively to the charterers’ market and offers a dedicated alternative to the P&I market. Charterama entered into a partnership with leading marine insurer RSA, to market and distribute Charterers Liability and FD&D cover on a global basis. This partnership means charterers will benefit from the unique combination of Charterama’s deep technical knowledge and RSA’s financial robustness, as demonstrated through its A rating from Standard & Poor’s.

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Meet your team!

Key Contacts

Lucien Lesuis

Managing Director/co-Founder
Mobile: +31 6 34 798 177
Direct: +31 10 741 0 743
E-mail: lucien.lesuis@charterama.com

Gerald Buist

Manager Claims
Mobile: +31 6 24 892 321
E-mail: gerald.buist@charterama.com

Samson Lok

Deputy Director Claims APAC
Mobile: Hong Kong +852 6935 9389
Mobile: China +86 147 1432 4658
Direct: +852 3611 9761
E-mail: samson.lok@charterama.com

Kwan Tang

Deputy Director Business Development
Mobile: +852 5343 6119
Direct: +852 3611 9762
E-mail: kwan.tang@charterama.com

Daniëlle Hofmans

Claims Executive
Mobile: +31 6 28 613 598
Direct: +31 10 741 0 735
E-mail: danielle.hofmans@charterama.com

Stéphane Poulain

Claims Manager Charterama France
Mobile: +33 6 37 832 143
E-mail: stephane.poulain@charterama.com

Dantonia Fermin

Underwriting Manager
Mobile: +31 6 14 522 005
Direct: +31 10 741 0 738
E-mail: dantonia.fermin@charterama.com

Christina Kousiouri

Underwriting Manager
Mobile: +31 6 82 436 594
Direct: +31 10 741 0 745
E-mail: christina.kousiouri@charterama.com

Shirley Ho-A-Hing

Sr. Operations Executive
Mobile: +31 6 48 461 614
Direct: +31 10 741 0 740
E-mail: shirley.ho-a-hing@charterama.com

Trix de Voogd

Office Manager
Mobile: +31 6 82 057 930
Direct: +31 10 741 0 746
E-mail: trix.devoogd@charterama.com

Sharonica Pauletta

Underwriting & Claims Support
Direct: +31 10 741 0 739
E-mail: sharonica.pauletta@charterama.com

Estefania Dominguez Jordan

Underwriting & Claims Support
Direct: +31 10 741 0 749
E-mail: estefania.jordan@charterama.com
How can we help you?

Exclusively focused on Charterers Liability insurance

Why Charterama?

No conflict of interest

Charterers Liability claims are ALWAYS between Shipowners and Charterers. As opposed to most other providers we are exclusively underwriting Charterers Liability and NO Owners P&I.

Charterers liability is our core business

In many occasions charterers liability is offered as a side product of the core business. Charterama offers charterers liability as their exclusive business. We are fully committed to the Charterers business.


Our senior staff has long term experience in Charterers Liability and all have over 15 years experience in Charterers Liability insurance. But also many years experience on board ships and commodity trade.

Immediate response


Robust A rated security through RSA