We have made changes to our War Cover under the Charterama Policy Wording, read more here.

Hull insurance

Insurance for Hull & Machinery provides cover for physical loss or damage for the hull (or shell) of a ship but also her machinery (propulsion machinery and any equipment used for activities such as cargo handling).

Hull insurance possibilities

Hull and Machinery insurance typically covers loss or damage caused by named perils such as collision, grounding, fire and explosion, earthquakes (and the tidal waves that might follow them) and general perils of the sea, lakes or rivers – which must be shown to be extraordinary in nature rather than just the fact that the sea was a bit rough.

Sometimes ships collide either with other ships or other fixed or floating objects. In many cases the ship will be (partly) liable in law for any damage caused to the other ship or object. The hull and machinery policy, although mainly a physical damage policy, provides also an element of liability cover as long as the collision is with another ship.

It is also possible to purchase top up insurances to ensure that if the ship is completely lost,
the indemnity is adequate to actually replace the vessel. This type of insurance is known as Increased Value and is generally capped at 25% of the agreed value.

In most Charter Parties there is an element of liability for charterers. Charterers are mainly responsible for safety of the port (1 gsbaaaa 1 sp, good safe berth always accessible always afloat 1 safe port). Further standard clause in most voyage charter parties read that the charterer shall be responsible for damage (beyond wear and tear) to any part of the vessel caused by stevedores. Ships have capsized and sunk because of shifting of cargo and charterers were held liable for it. Charterama’s Charterer’s Liability-insurance covers for hull damage as a consequence of stevedore damage, unsafe port/berth, off-spec bunkers which may cause damage to machinery, damage to vessel caused by cargo and damage to the vessel from stowage.

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