We have made changes to our War Cover under the Charterama Policy Wording, read more here.


Charterama offers a full range comprehensive Charterer Liability Insurance, tailored to your requirements and exposures. It covers Charterers Liability, including damage to hull; Defence (FD&D); Cargo Owners’ Legal Liability Insurance; and auxiliary covers for War, Bunkers, Freight, Detention, SOL, Piracy Loss of Hire, etc.

Class A – Charterers Liability

Covers Charterers Liability including Damage to Hull under a combined single limit.
Behind nearly every vessel charter is a contract to ship goods. A charterer can be an importer or exporter, a commodity trader or a ship operator, a liner service or a freight forwarding company. On many occasions the charterer is involved in a string of contracts which means that there is a  liability exposure to owners, sub-charters and/or cargo interests.

Class B – Cargo Owners’ Legal Liability

For some charterers carrying their own cargo, there is a potential risk that the cargo itself is the cause for a liability claim such as oil pollution. Claims may therefore be presented to charterers in their role as cargo owners. We are able to extend our Charterers Liability coverage to include Cargo Owners’ Legal Liability, which protects against such exposure.

Class C – Defence (FD&D)

Typical disputes that involve charterers concern hire/off-hire; freight and deadfreight, laytime, breach of contract, speed/consumption issues and so on. Legal expenses from disputes under the Charter Party are covered under the Defence (FD&D) cover as an extension to our main Charterers Liability cover. Not only are expensive legal fees covered but Defence (FD&D) also provides access to our own in-house legal expertise in providing all kinds of advice relating to contracts etc, advice on mitigating losses and the like.

Fringe covers

To complete the spectrum of insurance lines we can offer additional insurances to protect charterers. Available covers are: War, Bunkers, Freight, Detention, Piracy Loss of Hire etc..